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Join our VIP club and have up to 100% repairs covered!
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Must notify staff in writing 30 days in advance of cancellation. Some restrictions may apply to all tiers.
*Compressors and heat exchanger fails are grounds for new equipment. They are not included in the discounted or free parts.

**There is additional charges for IAQ, UV lights, and some speciality filters.

***All Tune ups come with standard 1″ filter replacements. Diamond VIPs will not have to pay for filter sizes up to and including 4″.

What is in a 22 point inspection?

✓Check and Inspect Heat Exchanger
✓Clean & Adjust Burner Assembly
✓Clean Ignition Assembly
✓Measure Temperature Difference
✓Adjust Gas Pressure
✓Adjust Pilot
✓Monitor AC and Heating Cycles
✓Monitor Flue Draft
✓Monitor Refrigerant Pressures
✓Test Starting Capabilities
✓Test Safety Controls
✓Clean or Replace Standard Air Filters
✓Clean and Adjust Blower Components
✓Measure Air Flow
✓Tighten Electrical Connections
✓Measure Volts/Amp
✓Lubricate All Moving Parts
✓Examine Heat Exchanger
✓Adjust Thermostat Calibration
✓Check and Inspect Evaporator Coil
✓Clean Condenser Coil
✓Clean Condensate Drains
Why should you perform regular maintenance on your heating or cooling system?

  • Help lower utility bills
  • Avoid costly repairs
  • Avoid loss of heat or cool air

Join our VIP club and have up to 100% repairs covered. Maintenance is required for all new equipment warranties. Any VIP contract will satisfy the maintenance required for warranties. As a VIP, you may notice improved air quality and may even see lower utility bills. We know you will love the benefits of any of the VIP packages, that your VIP price will not raise for 10 years (if no payments are missed). If you are not satisfied for any reason, we will refund you 100% up to 1 year.

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