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Serving Salem and the Mid-Valley, OR


Is Ductless AC Installation Right for You?

Summer flew by this year and the temperatures are already starting to cool off here in Oregon… but not enough quite yet to turn your air conditioner off for good. You’re going to need your air conditioner for at least a few weeks more. We do want you to take a moment to reflect on your air conditioner’s performance this summer.

You don’t have to settle for poor air conditioning services. You might just tussle with your air conditioner summer after summer because you don’t think anything else on the market is better or you might not want to spend the cash to install a new system. We want to introduce you to the world of ductless AC installation in Dallas, OR. You can trust our team to get you the best air conditioning services available. Call today.

All About Ductless Systems

Are you wondering what a ductless mini split system is? Ductless mini splits aren’t all that common, so we understand if you’re not completely familiar with these types of systems. We’re going to give you a quick crash course.

Ductless systems are heat pumps. This means that these systems can both heat and cool from the same unit. Ductless mini splits are different than traditional heat pumps because they work from air handlers (wall-mounted units) that are autonomous from each other. This means that you can run each unit when you need it. Let’s say that your bedroom is sizzling hot while your living room is perfectly cooled. You don’t have to run your entire air conditioner, instead, you can just cool off your bedroom by running that individual air handler.

Why You Should Consider One

You can find a lot of articles ironing out all the details about ductless mini split systems online, but a lot of websites miss the mark in one area—they won’t specific how this system can work for you. Here are a few ways that a ductless system can help your home:

  • A Higher Level of Comfort: We all have those areas of our home that seem to stay cold no matter how long your run your heater or hot no matter how long your run your AC system. Sometimes certain parts of your home just need a little extra care. A ductless system can focus on cooling one part of your home rather than blasting conditioned air throughout your entire house.
  • Cost Savings: Cooling and heating your home where you need to rather than turning on a centralized unit and cooling your entire home because you have to saves you time and money. It’s much cheaper to circulate conditioned air through the rooms you’re inhabiting rather than needlessly conditioning an entire house.
  • Ease Installation: Installing a new centralizing air conditioning system in your home can be quite the task, but if you’re thinking about switching to a ductless air conditioning system, the entire process can be done in less than a day.

Make sure you come to our team if you want great ductless air conditioning.

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