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Serving Salem and the Mid-Valley, OR


Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer with Maintenance

Maintenance services are essential to the healthy function of your air conditioner. A lot of homeowners think that these services aren’t essential because, after all, if your air conditioner seems fine there’s nothing to worry about, right? Wrong!

The word “seems” here can land you in a whole lot of trouble. Just because your air conditioner seems fine to you as a homeowner doesn’t mean that a professional wouldn’t find some underlying issues with your system during a professional inspection. Don’t let small problems snowball into big issues when you need your air conditioner the most! Contact our team today to schedule an appointment for air conditioning maintenance in Salem, OR.

The Importance of AC Maintenance

It really is important to maintain your air conditioning system. Here are a few reasons why:

  • It Keeps You Cool: Maintaining your air conditioning system helps you avoid a breakdown. The last thing you want is the swelter in the heat on a Salem summer. Make sure you have a professional take a look at your system before you fire it up for the warm weather. Our technicians can pinpoint problems before they become large scale issues.
  • It Extends the Lifespan of Your AC Unit: A well maintained air conditioning unit is a long-lasting air conditioning unit. Buying a central air conditioner for your home is an investment. Maintenance is a great way to ensure that your money was well spent and that your comfort is high.
  • It Saves You Money: A well maintained air conditioning unit is also an air conditioning unit that will save you money. When your air conditioner performs at peak capacity you won’t have to worry about wasting any extra money on inefficient cooling. Inefficient systems cost more because they have to work so much harder to provide the cooling comfort you’re used to. Have a professional from our team service your unit. It will keep your wallet happy!

Our VIP Club Membership

If you really want to maintain the quality of your air conditioning system you can join our VIP Club Membership. We have a membership for both ductless and ducted systems so that we can fortify every home here in Salem. We’ll be covering our ducted system today since that’s what the majority of homeowners here have but you can read all about the details of our ductless system membership here. Our ducted VIP Club Membership includes:

  • $100 allotted toward system replacement for every year you’re a member
  • A lifetime warranty on any parts
  • A bi-annual tune-up and a 22-point inspection
  • Priority service and scheduling
  • No overtime charges
  • A free stander filter at each tune-up (1”-4”)
  • No diagnostic fees when our team performs repairs
  • A guaranteed appointment within 48 hours of your call
  • A 20% discount on parts and labor
  • Discounted air duct cleaning and air scrubbers

If you really want to protect your HVAC system make sure you contact our team and enroll in our membership today!

Warm weather is right around the corner here in Salem. It’s important to prep your air conditioner for these services. Contact our experts at Advantage Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment.

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