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Serving Salem and the Mid-Valley, OR


Heat Pumps: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Unfortunately, this is that time of the year where you might fall out of love with your home’s air conditioner. You don’t have to feel bad about this—no air conditioner can last forever. If you feel like your home just isn’t making the cut anymore, it’s okay for you to replace it. Sometimes the process of finding a new air conditioner can be quite intimidating. You don’t know how big the air conditioner should be, what type of unit you should buy, or what best suits your needs—you can contact us to get everything right though.

If you need HVAC services in Silverton, OR make sure that you contact a professional from our team. You don’t want a great heat pump system with shoddy work. Make sure you do your home justice with our services.

What is a Heat Pump?

So we’re going to break down the basics—we want to start with what a heat pump is. A heat pump is a climate control system that both heats and cools from the same unit. If you choose a heat pump in your home it might seem a little familiar because it functions like the air conditioners you’re used to. Heat pumps have an indoor unit, an outdoor unit, and connecting lines of refrigerant.

The thing about a heat pump is that it has the extra added capability of heating your home too. Your heat pump has a 4-way valve called the reversing valve that can allow this system to reverse the flow of refrigerant in your home. You can get everything you need from a heat pump system—make sure you contact our team for all the best professional services. Here are the pros and cons of this system:

The Various Advantages of a Heat Pump

Here are a few reasons why you should consider a heat pump.

  • Energy-Efficiency: Heat pumps use less energy than standard air conditioners because they move heat rather than generating it. Moving the warm air out of your home instead of relying on traditional forms of energy to heat or cool it will save you money.
  • Cost Savings: Saving energy by cooling your home with one of these systems means that you’re going to save money too. A traditional furnace or air conditioner can be as energy efficient as possible but never truly compare to the energy efficiency of a heat pump system.
  • Heating and Cooling: The best thing about a heat pump is that it can both heat and cool your home from the same unit—this means that you only need to buy one unit. Heat pumps are great for a climate like ours that’s mild in the winter and hot in the summer. These systems are some of the most popular climate control systems here in Oregon for a reason—they do a great job!

Contact our team if you want a great air conditioning system.

Contact Advantage Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment with our air conditioning professionals. We understand heat pumps and we can perfect your home comfort.

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