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Serving Salem and the Mid-Valley, OR


How to Get More From Your AC

We know that you’re doing your best to stay cool and safe from the sun this summer. You’ve probably pulled out your large sun hats, your high SPF sunscreen, and fished out your favorite sunglasses—but what about your home air conditioning services?

We’re all about your air conditioning in Lake Oswego, OR. That’s why we have some of the best tips here to help you get more from your air conditioner. Yes, your air conditioner is a machine that works pretty routinely, but there are some things you can do to keep it that way. We’ve got your back when it comes to cooling.

A Few Helpful Air Conditioning Tips

Here are a few things you can do to help your air conditioner along for the remainder of the summer.

1.      Change Your Air Filter

Your air conditioner has a filter in it that needs to be changed on a regular basis. If you don’t change your air filter at least once a season, then you’re just not getting what you need from your home. Your air filter is in charge of keeping your home’s air conditioner clean, ready to roll, and always efficient. You can get everything you need from your air conditioner with this simple action.

2.      Get Some Shade

We know that it’s nice to wake up in the morning and open up all your blinds. You want to let in the light of day. While it’s nice to let some natural light in for your spirits, this can actually be a detriment to your home cooling services. Natural light raises the temperature of your home. Closing your curtains and blinds helps you get off your home efficiently.

3.      Schedule a Maintenance Appointment

You need to schedule an appointment for your air conditioning work every single spring. If you don’t do this, you’re only going to put your home’s air conditioning system in harm’s way. You don’t want to do this. It’s always a wise decision to invest in your air conditioner with the appropriate maintenance work from a professional.

4.      Run it Reasonably

Your air conditioner isn’t designed to sustain an indoor temperature that’s more than 20 degrees cooler than the outdoor temperature. This means that if it’s 80-degrees outside, then your home’s thermostat shouldn’t be less than 60-degrees. Run your air conditioner responsibly and save yourself time, money, and grief.

5.      Know When You Need More

If you try all the tips above and still feel like you’re just not getting what you need, then it’s time for you to get more from our professionals. Sometimes you need more than just a few tips. You might need to push it to the point of repair work. We can help you out with this. You can come to us to get exactly what you need.

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