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Serving Salem and the Mid-Valley, OR


Need a New AC Unit? Let’s Figure It Out

There’s trouble in paradise with your air conditioner and replacement is calling out to you on the horizon. We know that air conditioning services like this aren’t typically ones that leave you jumping for joy, but we’ve got good news for you—it’s easy with us.

Our team members understand air conditioning in Tigard, OR. This is the perfect time of year to realize that your air conditioner isn’t cutting it anymore and you need a new unit. We’ll help you figure out your personal AC criteria, find an AC unit that’s good for you, and install is all before the hottest days of summer. Let’s get into the guidelines you should keep in mind.

Consider These Guidelines

Figuring out if you need a new air conditioner doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Here are a handful of helpful guidelines you should consider to help you determine if you need an upgrade. If you’re still confused after reading through our blog, then you can talk to one of our team members.

Your Air Conditioner’s Age

Your air conditioner’s age matters a lot when it comes to replacement. The average air conditioner is expected to last about a decade or fifteen years in some cases. If your air conditioner is getting close to this 10 year mark or has even passed it, then you’re a prime candidate for replacement. You should have a game plan ready even if you feel like your system runs perfectly.

The last few years of an air conditioner’s life aren’t the most efficient ones. You’ll likely notice increased cost to run your unit coupled with decreased power. This means that you’re inching closer and closer to a breakdown. Being replacement ready helps.

The Quality of Cooling

If your air conditioner can’t stand up to the test of summer heat anymore, it’s okay to retire it. Don’t think that your air conditioner has just hit a slump, sometimes the efficiency and power just isn’t there anymore.

There are new systems on the market that are more efficient than ever. SEER ratings reach higher than ever before across many different types of air conditioners. We can find you the perfect air conditioner that’s sure to give you a stress free summer.

The Cost (Monthly Bills and Repairs)

The cost of your air conditioner is imperative. It should be affordable. We’re going to break down this “cost” category into two subcategories: monthly bills and repairs.

Monthly Bills

If you’re monthly bills climb higher with time or seem to peak out of nowhere then you have an efficiency issue. If the efficiency issue doesn’t seem to get better with maintenance, repair, or mindful practices of running your air conditioner, then you’re a good candidate for an upgrade.


How expensive are your home’s air conditioning repairs? If the repairs are extremely expensive, then you should consider upgrading. A few air conditioner repair jobs shouldn’t add up anywhere near the cost of your AC unit. If you’re reaching this range, then it’s worthwhile to cut your losses and consider a new unit.

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