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Serving Salem and the Mid-Valley, OR


Was Summer Rough on Your AC? Consider Replacement

With cool wind and chilly rain to contend with when you walk out the door, summer may already feel like a thing of the past. You might even be looking back fondly on the days when you felt like you couldn’t stay cool enough.

While cool air may be the furthest thing from your mind, it is the perfect time to consider the condition of your air conditioning equipment. After all, there is no better time to check on your AC system than when you don’t need it!

Signs You Need to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Your AC unit just got you through a Lake Oswego summer that ricocheted between 60 and 95 degrees— sometimes all in one week. It probably put in some long hours! After a rough season like that, it may be time for a tune-up or even a replacement. But how do you know if your cooling equipment needs to be replaced?

There are several signs to look for that indicate you may need to replace your AC unit. According to ENERGY STAR, a program that seeks to help people ensure they are getting the best home energy efficiency possible, these include:

  • Age: If your air conditioner is over ten years old, it is time for a new one. A lot of wear and tear can happen in a decade, and likely a lot of equipment updates too. Replacing your system after ten years should offer increased efficiency and lower costs.
  • Skyrocketing bills: Yes, your bills are higher anyways during summertime because you are running your cooling system more often. However, if the cost seemed higher than usual and is still pricey even when the system isn’t used as often, it may signal that your AC is on its last leg.
  • Too many repairs: Even the best AC unit will need tune-ups and the occasional repair, but it is not normal to be seeing your repair technician more than twice a year.
  • High humidity: Your AC should keep your home both cool and dry. If you noticed that this summer felt as humid indoors as it did outdoors, it means that your equipment isn’t doing its job anymore.
  • Loud noise: When you turn on your AC, you should not be waking the whole house. Loud noises normally indicate your cooling system needs to be replaced.

Finding Quality Air Conditioning Services

Replacing your air conditioner is no small decision—and it is no small cost either! If you are trying to determine whether or not your cooling equipment might need to be replaced, you should speak to professionals who provide reliable services and current information.

With NATE certifications and up-to-date training, our technicians offer some of the best Lake Oswego air conditioning service.Our team members are knowledgeable about changes and advancements in the HVAC industry too, so you will never have to worry about installing outdated equipment.

Call us today to schedule a repair or replacement of your air conditioning system and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing our professionals do the job right.

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