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Serving Salem and the Mid-Valley, OR


It’s Time For A New Air Conditioner If…

You’ve found yourself at a bit of a crossroad here… your air conditioner has had trouble in the past and it’s having trouble now. You’re not sure if you should call for repair one more time or face the situation and jump to replacement. You know that replacement isn’t something that’s always easy. In fact, when you think about your replacement jobs in the past, they’ve required quite a bit of legwork from you and a substantial amount of money.

You’re not sure if it’s time for you to replace your air conditioner so you’ve found yourself on our blog. We want to let you know that you’re well cared for here. We specialize in air conditioning replacement in Salem, OR. We going to help you get exactly what you need to stay cool and safe in Oregon. We’re responsible professionals.

Do You Need To Replace Your Air Conditioner?

We know that this is a real question that you need to ask yourself. This isn’t a service that you can jump into frivolously. Trust us when we say that it’s an important thing to consider. You want to feel assured in this decision before you take anything further. Here are a few things that you should ask yourself before going any further.

How Old Is Your Air Conditioner?

Air conditioners can’t last forever. We know that in a perfect world you’d be able to buy one singular air conditioner and take it with you throughout your lifetime. This just isn’t our reality though. If you’ve had your air conditioner for a decade or anywhere near a decade, it’s time for you to start thinking about an upgrade.  

What Is Your Repair Work Like?

Are your air conditioning repair calls enough to make you want to scream? Maybe they’re too frequent and far too expensive. Air conditioning repair shouldn’t be something that empties your wallet. If it is, then it means its time for replacement.

Have You Maintained Your System Well?

Have you been diligent about your air conditioning maintenance? You can be honest with us here—you probably didn’t call every single year to have your AC system tuned-up by a professional. We’re not here to pass judgment. We understand. What this means though, is that your air conditioner might give out on you a little sooner. We’re here to help you upgrade when it does.

Is Your Air Conditioner Efficient?

Are you paying air conditioning bills that are through the roof? This is a problem and a clear sign that you need a new air conditioner.

Is Your Air Conditioner Reliable?

It doesn’t get super hot in Salem, OR that often, but when it gets hot, it’s hot. How do you feel when you’re getting up-to-date with the current weather forecast and see high double-digit temperatures in the near future? Do you feel assured? Or is there a distinct ball of anxiety forming in your stomach?

You should be able to count on your air conditioner even when it’s blazing out. If you can’t, then it’s time to upgrade.

Call Advantage Heating and Air Conditioning when you’re ready to get a new air conditioner in your home. Oregon’s best since 1992, We Bring Our A Game.

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