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Serving Salem and the Mid-Valley, OR


Get More from Your Heater with these Simple Tips


Winter in Oregon means that you’re doing your best to stay as warm as possible all the time. You’ve fished out those heavy outer layers, you spend the first few minutes of your car ride with the heat on blast, and you’ve probably given your winter boots a run for their money by now. The last thing you want to worry about when you’re doing all this to stay warm is the function of your home’s heater. This should be the one big thing that you can count on, right?

If you’ve noticed that your heater is… well… just alright, you can keep reading below to learn how to best take care of your home’s heating system. If you need a little extra care, then it might be time for you to schedule an appointment with our professionals for heating in Salem, OR. We’re the best of the best in the area.

Help Your Heater in the Following Ways

We’ve rounded up a few simple tips for you that can help you get more from your heater this winter. Try to employ these tips the next time you find yourself longing for better heating services.

Turn Your Thermostat Down

Now we know what you’re thinking when you read this title—“what do you mean down?”

Yes, you read that correctly. We find that homeowners get a little overzealous with their thermostat settings. You want to make sure that your thermostat setting is at a temperature that’s a little more reasonable or mild. Coming home and setting your thermostat to a super high temperature isn’t going to help you warm up any faster. It’s only going to make your home’s heater work much harder to achieve a goal that’s unreasonable. The chances are that you don’t even really want your home to reach that 78° thermostat setting—you’d be sweating just sitting down! Instead, set your thermostat to a more reasonable setting and then give your heater a little time to warm up.

Call for Maintenance

The best thing you can do for your heater is to call for maintenance every single fall. Don’t skip out! Maintenance is what’s going to keep your bills low and efficiency high. This is because you’re allowing a trained professional to take a close look at your system and eliminate problems before they become repair issues.

Change Your Heater’s Filter

This is another great thing that you can do on your own when it comes to your home’s heater. Your home’s filter in your heater is different than your indoor air quality filter. Your heater’s filter is responsible for keeping it clear and free of debris. A clean filter gives your heater the best foundation to provide quality service.

Consider Your Insulation

You could have the greatest heater in the world, but it really wouldn’t matter if all the warm air blowing into your home is just leaking out of gaps and cracks in your home. Make sure that you note any gaps, cracks, or leaking around windows and doors and hire professionals to seal them up. This will help your heat stay where you need it—in your home.

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