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Serving Salem and the Mid-Valley, OR

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Serving Salem and the Mid-Valley, OR


Handle Any Lingering Heating Problems Now!


Salem winters are known for being cold, wet, and rainy so you’ve probably put your heater to good use in the past few months trying to stay toasty and dry. If you’ve had any trouble running your heating system this winter, now is the time to address those issues. You might think, “Why now when I can just wait until next fall?” but that’s the type of thinking that will have you end up in the face of a major system breakdown.

The name of the game when it comes to HVAC is preparation. You always want to make sure that your HVAC system is prepped and primed for any season on the horizon. You can give yourself peace of mind by squaring away your heating system before you power down the system throughout spring. If you’re looking for great heating repair in Salem, OR then make sure you contact our team.

Heating Problems That You Should Address

If you’re having any of the following heat problems, make sure you contact a professional heating technician for repair services.

  • High Heating Bills: Is the face you make when you see your heating bill the same face that you make when you stub your toe on a sharp corner? Your heating bill shouldn’t be anything to wince over. If you’re using your heater a reasonable amount but still seeing unreasonably high heating bills it’s because your heater struggles to running efficiently. Contact a professional today.
  • Hot and Cold Spots: Your home can’t always heat evenly (especially if you live in a large home or a home with multiple stories) but if you notice hot and cold spots it’s a good idea to contact a professional. Extreme differences in the temperature of your home is a result of a problem in your heater. A technician from our team can help you pinpoint the issue.
  • Discomfort: If you’ve sat in your home shivering all winter no matter what temperature you set your thermostat on, then you’re having trouble with your heater. This might be stating the obvious, but your heater should heat your home, so if this is a problem make sure you contact our team.

Trust Advantage Heating and Air Conditioning for All Your Heating Needs

Advantage Heating and Air Conditioning isn’t just like your average HVAC company here in Portland. We’re a company that keeps our standards high, so we go the extra mile with all of our customers. We make sure to understand the needs of your home personally rather than giving you depersonalized, one-size-fits-all service that most companies provide. We also train our technicians to be on the forefront of the HVAC industry—a lot has happened over the past 26 years and we’ve adapted throughout that time to make sure that we’re always on top of our game. You’ll never have to question the service that you receive from our team.

We’re rounding out winter and sailing into spring! If you’ve had any heating problems throughout the winter then make sure that you contact Advantage Heating and Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment.

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