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Serving Salem and the Mid-Valley, OR


A Duct Cleaning Can Help This Winter


Have you taken the tree and other holiday decorations down yet? If not, we won’t judge! But whether you are in the midst of reorganizing the home or you are wrapping things up, there is one other part of your home you may want to remember to clean: your ducts.

It may sound strange if you haven’t heard of it before, but duct cleaning in Salem, OR is an important service that can make a huge difference in how comfortable you are the rest of this winter (and in summer too). Let us explain a bit more about the difference that clean ductwork can make so you can decide if it is time to reach out to us. Start off the year with clean ductwork for optimal comfort!

What Your Ducts Do

In case you didn’t know the role of your ductwork before, let us give you a quick crash course. Understanding what your ducts “do” can help you understand why duct cleaning is important too.

Your ductwork serves as the delivery system for the temperature-controlled air that your heater creates. Without your ducts, your heater would make a lot of hot air but it wouldn’t make a difference because that warmth wouldn’t reach any of the rooms in the house.

The Importance of Clean Ductwork

So, now that you know what your ductwork is meant to do, it may be a little easier to understand why clean ductwork is so important. All the warm air that is passing through your ductwork is liable to pick up some hitchhikers, mainly anything that has collected in your ducts.

Didn’t realize your ducts could get dirty? It’s okay, you aren’t the only one. Even with filters in place, it is possible for dirt, dust, and other particles to find their way into your ductwork. This can build up over time and become a problem as it can hinder airflow through your ductwork. It can even reduce the indoor air quality in your home as that collected debris is blown into your home whenever your heater turns on.

Duct Cleaning Makes a Difference

We provide professional duct cleaning to residents in Salem, Portland, and beyond. This service allows us to examine your ductwork to assess the level of build-up that has collected. From there, we will be able to use the appropriate tools to clear all that debris out of the ductwork without letting any of it escape into your home. Professional cleaning allows us to perform this service so that it won’t harm your ductwork either–trust us, leaking ductwork is never good.

Are you ready to start the new year with some nice clean ductwork? If so, make sure you come to our team for honest and trustworthy service. We can ensure your ducts are clean, clear, and able to easily deliver warm air throughout your home when you need it. You can expect the best when you work with us.

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