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Serving Salem and the Mid-Valley, OR


It’s Time for a Duct Cleaning

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Are you looking all throughout your home trying to find a reason why you’re not comfortable? You just can’t seem to find a reason for it. You called us for maintenance this year, you called when you had a repair need, and you even replaced your home’s air filter for your heater and your air conditioner.

The answer to the problems that you’re having might be a duct cleaning in Salem, OR. Duct cleanings are what’s going to keep your home in amazing shape. Duct cleanings can balance out your home’s HVAC function and your home’s indoor air quality. Make sure that you come to us for exactly what you need.

When to Call for a Duct Cleaning

Are you unsure when you should call us for a duct cleaning? Here are a few signs that you can benefit from this service:

You’ve had IAQ problems

Have you had persistent indoor air quality problems in the past year or so? This is a sign that you might need a duct cleaning for your home. Problems like high amounts of dust, mold, mildew, or any other indoor air quality problem that sparks respiratory issues in your home is a problem.

You need to make sure that you come to a professional when you want a duct cleaning. This is a specialized service that not everyone can perform. Call us when you want high-quality service.

You recently had renovations

So you’ve finally made the leap and added on that extra room, expanded your kitchen, or revamped part of your space. We’re sure that you’re happy about this. Renovating any part of your home can give you a new lease on life. On the downside of things though, these renovations can lead to indoor air quality problems.

Watch out for a dip in your home’s air quality after a home renovation. A duct cleaning can be the thing you’re looking for to set you back on track.

You’re paying more for your HVAC costs

Are you paying way more than you’re typically used to when it comes to your home’s HVAC costs? This is probably a sign that your ducts are clogged up and need a little cleaning work.

Are you wondering how dirty ductwork could be an issue for your HVAC costs? Well, it works like this—when your home’s duct is clean, your conditioned air can glide through your home’s ductwork without an issue. When you allow your home’s ductwork to get all clogged up then it means that you’re creating obstacles for your home’s HVAC system. This means that you’re going to have issues with your home’s HVAC costs.

How a Duct Cleaning Works

When you call up our professionals for a ductwork cleaning, we’re going to give you the best service around. Our ductwork cleanings aren’t invasive. We’re going to make sure that we get into your home and get out in a flash. We don’t want to disrupt your home’s flow.

Contact Advantage Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment with our professionals. Oregon’s Best since 1992, We Bring Our A Game.

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