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Serving Salem and the Mid-Valley, OR


Trouble with Your IAQ?

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Spring is here and you might be suffering from sniffles, sneezing, and itchy eyes. These problems are common outdoors. If you notice that the issues cross the threshold into your home, then it’s time to call a professional.

Your home should always be your oasis away from the chaos of outdoor life. If you’re having the same problem indoors or noticing that the problems are even worse, then our professionals can help. We’re prepared to equip you with the perfect indoor air quality system for your needs. Talk to us about HRV systems, ERV systems, and air purifiers in Dallas, OR.

Troubling Indoor Air Quality Signs

Here are the signs that you’re having trouble with your home’s indoor air quality:


Life has a way of picking up the pace and becoming quite stressful. We know that this is a normal part of life and, as a result, you’re going to find yourself getting tired. What happens when tired crosses the line into fatigue, though?

We want to let you know that this is why you should rely on our professionals for higher quality service. Fatigue is a problem. You should never feel this tired. We’re here to help you with finding the right new services.

Dryness and Irritation

Do you feel like your skin has become crocodile skin? Your dry, scratchy, and irritated. This can actually be a side effect of poor indoor air quality in your home. The assistance of an indoor air quality system can help you with this.


You can’t spend any time in your home coughing. If this is what you’re experiencing, we’d suggest talking to one of our professionals to figure out the source of the problem. We’re prepared to help you figure out these problems. An air purifier, an HRV system, or ERV system can help.


You shouldn’t wheeze in your home. If you notice that you’re struggling to catch your breath at home, then you should invest in IAQ.

Sinus Congestion

You walk around your home every day sounding like you’ve got a cold. This is no good. Sinus congestion is a clear sign that you have poor indoor air quality that’s draining the quality of your home.


Are you sneezing more often than you ever have before? We want to reiterate what we said in the intro—that your allergy problems shouldn’t really follow you indoors. If they are, then it means that you could stand to improve your home’s indoor air quality. We’re here to help you.


It’s easy to forget to drink water, strain your eyes reading on your computer, or just stress yourself out and develop a headache. If you’re starting to notice that your headaches are developing faster than ever before, though, then this is a problem. You should have frequent headaches. If you’ve already tried assessing your personal health and realized that you’re checking off all your points and realized that everything is good on your end, then the problem might be your indoor air quality.

Contact Advantage Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment with our IAQ services.

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