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Things to consider when getting a new furnace

Things to Consider When Getting a New Furnace

Are you suddenly finding yourself in a situation where you need to buy a new furnace? Make sure that you delve deeply into research to find the furnace that is a right fit for your family and your home. It is always a good choice to call and discuss your needs and wants with a reputable heating company. They can help you decide on what you need and give you an estimate of the price range you are looking at. Remember to be aware of all of your options, there are many considerations to take into account.

What Fuel Source

The three main types that your will find readily available are gas, Electric, and propane. All are great options. Electric heaters plug right in to your current home with minimal extra amount of set up. Electric heating is easy to install and are generally more cost effective. Gas Heaters are generally cheaper to run than electric because it costs less to run than electricity. Gas heaters are extremely reliable. Another great thing about gas heat is that it is extremely environmentally friendly. Propane heaters are comparable to natural gas heaters as they are extremely similar however you would need a outside source of propane as most homes do not come with an in ground propane tank.


Did you know that there are two types of blowers? One is a variable-speed blower and the other is called a fixed-speed blower. A variable-speed blower will change speed as it blows air throughout your home. A fixed-speed blower will stay blowing at the same speed. If it is very important to you that the air blowing throughout your home is a consistent temperature then you may want to consider a variable-speed blower. But research both to decide what is best for you!

Size Matters

Size matters when it comes to choosing the right furnace for your home. If you have a bigger home then you are going to need a bigger furnace unfortunately. A technician should take into account the square footage of your home as well as how many windows your home has, and the efficiency of those windows. It is important that the company come out to your home to give you an accurate estimate for the sizing of the unit. This is not an estimate that should be given over the phone.

Quality of Installation

When it comes to having a major appliance installed into your home you don’t want to skimp on installation. You want to use a licenced and bonded contractor that has a great reputation. Especially when installing any kind of appliance that runs on gas it is important that it is done properly to avoid any very dangerous mishaps.


If you are someone that will be using your furnace quite a bit and plan to live in the same place for a while you definitely want to find out what warranties are included with which furnace. Keep in mind that most warranties are only valid if you get your furnace tuned-up regularly with a licensed technician. Warranties also don’t cover labor costs if something goes wrong with installation so it is important to ask the company that you go with if they offer any type of warranty with their work.

These are just some of the thoughts that you need to consider when looking at a new furnace. For your best bet on deciding what you need you should give a professional a call. Advantage Heating is willing to answer all of your questions so give us a call!

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