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Serving Salem and the Mid-Valley, OR


What is a Smart Thermostat?

“What is a Smart Thermostat and why would I want one?” is a thought that is on a lot of people’s minds lately. A common misconception is that a Smart Thermostat is just a hyped-up programmable Thermostat, why would we want one if most thermostats are programmable? In reality, there are actually many benefits to having a Smart Thermostat. It can make your life a little more simple and save you money of your power bill!

Controlled Remotely

One big difference between a conventional Thermostat vs a Smart Thermostat is that it can be controlled remotely! Smart Thermostats easily connect to our home Wifi. With our fast paced and technologically focused lifestyles being able to control your thermostat from your phone can have many benefits. Who knew that they made thermostats that connected to the internet!? Some just have a mobile app, whereas some you must go to a web page. One example in favor of a Smart Thermostat is if you are gone all day at work, you don’t need to keep your home cool or warm to the same degree you would if you were there. But  with a Smart Thermostat you can turn on your air/heat in time for your home to be at a comfortable temperature for you when you get home. How nice does that sound on a 100 degree day!

Energy Efficient

Another great thing about having a Smart Thermostat is that you can see real time energy consumption. You can look on your mobile device and see home much energy you are using at that time. This can help people learn when and where they need to be conserving! You can always see how much you are spending on your heating and cooling which will help you be able to tweak your usage! This will help you save money in the long run if you pay attention and learn your energy consumption patterns. Who wouldn’t want to learn  to save money in such a simple way?

Super Smart

One thing that many people see as a huge plus to having a Smart Thermostat is that it is indeed smart, they literally learn from your behaviors. Much like other Smart technology it will acclimate to the personal patterns of your household. It can also adjust to random factors that change the way your system will work such as, changes in humidity and the outside temperature. The Smart Thermostat will tell you how long it will take to cool or heat your home to the desired temperature.  This will put an end to people trying to turn the Thermostat way up or way down to quickly cool or warm your home! The Smart Thermostat keeps track of what the temperature is inside as well as outside. It also can tell you when it is time to have your filters changed. Some Smart Thermostats have motion detectors that can tell if there is anyone home or not and can adjust accordingly. Some have a wireless network that can tell if the homeowners are within range or not. Many of these features can make our already stressful life just a little bit more simple.

With new homes being built everyday with the newest Energy Star, money saving technology it might be a Smart Choice to switch your current Thermostat to a Smart Thermostat. It will definitely save money for your family in the long run, it is easy to control, it will help remind us to keep the filters clean, and make our complicated lives a little less complicated. The Smart Thermostat is one technology that we can all appreciate.


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