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Serving Salem & Portland, OR

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Serving Salem & Portland, OR


Commercial Maintenance in Salem, OR

If you have an HVAC system in your home, then we’re sure you’ve heard many people sing the praises of maintenance services. They really are an integral service and often they’re the only thing keeping you from an expensive and inconvenient system breakdown. If you have a commercial space, maintenance services become even more important. Your HVAC services make or break your commercial space. Imagine having to run a business here in the Mid-Valley on a sweltering summer day with no working AC—it’s just not feasible.

Maintenance is what allows you to run your business smoothly. It’s an opportunity for a professional eye to assess your system and rectify small problems before they become glaring issues.

When you need great commercial maintenance in Salem, contact Advantage Heating & Air Conditioning. Oregon’s best since 1992, We Bring our A Game.

How Maintenance Makes a Difference

As we mentioned above, maintenance is an opportunity for you to spot a problem before it becomes a major issue. We service a lot of business owners across the Mid-Valley, so we see a varying range of issues. Very often when we see a major system breakdown in a business, we ask the business owners if there were any indications that the HVAC system was on its way out and more often than not, there were. HVAC units rarely ever just give out suddenly—it’s a slow and steady decline.

Watch out for the warning signs: short cycling, odd noises, foul odors, high HVAC bills, discomfort, low airflow, or poor indoor air quality. When these problems arise, make sure you contact our team for service.

Our VIP Club Membership

We’ve come to realize that many business owners simply forget to schedule their maintenance services. There’s a lot to oversee when you run a business so we understand how this item on the to-do-list can fall through the cracks. This really is an essential service though, so we created a maintenance plan to always keep you on track. Our VIP Club Membership includes:

  • A bi-annual tune-up and a 22-point inspection
  • Priority service and scheduling
  • No overtime charges
  • A lifetime part replacement warranty on all the parts we install
  • Discounts on parts and labor
  • Discounted air duct cleaning and air scrubbers

Make the commitment to a better quality HVAC system in your business this year. When you’re a VIP member, you’ll never have to worry about super high repair costs or a pesky system breakdown ever again.

We Have the Best Maintenance Services in the Mid-Valley

Here at Advantage Heating & Air Conditioning we’re always committed to superior quality service and have been that way since the inception of our company in 1992. What really sets our company apart from others is our personalized service.

We’re locals! We’ve worked in the area for the past 26 years and we live here too. We’re not some nameless, faceless, and impersonal business conglomerate. We understand work to understand the needs of business owners in this area. When you need technicians that always put integrity before profit, contact our team.