Zonal Heating

The Benefits of a Zonal Heating System

High power bills during the colder months are often an expensive affair. But they’re unavoidable, right? Not necessarily. With Advantage Heating and Air Conditioning, you can stay warm and comfortable, while reducing your energy costs. How? With cost-effective zonal heating!

Our experts can design and implement a customized zonal heating system that includes:

  • Installing cost-effective heat pumps that are 40% more energy efficient than electronic baseboard heating
  • Non-ducted split and/or ductless mini split systems based on your specific requirements
  • Creating a new zonal heating system or developing a more energy efficient system for your home or business.

A professionally designed zonal heating system will allow you to control how much energy you use, based on your specific requirements. At Advantage Heating and Air Conditioning, we have the knowledge and experience to develop a cost-effective solution to keep you warm this winter.

To find out more about how Advantage Heating and Air Conditioning zonal heating can save you money, contact us online or live chat with our representatives today.

Zonal Heating: Heating that YOU Control, Zone by Zone

Keeping your home or business warm in winter is a necessity. With a zonal heating system, there are some simple steps that can help you save money, while staying warm and comfortable.

Here are some handy tips from our experienced specialists at Advantage Heating and Cooling:

-Always close the doors. Lower or turn off the heat in unoccupied rooms, which keeps the heat where you want it most.

-Make sure the temperature is set to an efficient energy level. For example, in winter, the ideal recommended temperature is 68 degrees.

-Check that your heat setting (especially your thermostat) is set to the right temperature. If you’re setting it too high, you could be wasting energy. As a general rule of thumb, you should reduce your electricity usage by 2 percent for every degree you lower the temperature.

-Get one of our specialists to evaluate your existing heating systems. We can provide energy efficient solutions such as non-ducted split systems or ductless mini split systems that are customized to suit your needs.

For a warm and comfortable home with energy efficiency, Portland General Electric agrees that zonal heating is the answer, call 503-393-5315 to speak with our experienced and certified technicians at Advantage Heating and Air Conditioning.   

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