Electric Furnaces

Electric Furnace is the common term for Air Handlers. Furnaces are gas or oil, and air handlers are the electric indoor unit that fits with a Heat Pump.

An air handler, or air handling unit, is the indoor part of an air-conditioning or heat pump system. Air handlers work much like furnaces in that they efficiently move air throughout the home. The main difference is that the air handlers only circulate heat when paired with a heat pump.

Different Types of Motors-

Like gas or oil furnaces, air handlers use a blower motor and fan to move conditioned air throughout the ductwork of your home. We offer air handlers with either a variable-speed or single speed blower motor.

Variable-speed motors provide the highest level of comfort and energy efficiency. They can operate at high speeds, low speeds and anywhere in between, fine-tuning airflow based on demand.

Single-speed motors operate at full capacity only and cycle on and off as needed to maintain your set household temperature.

Filtration Options-

Filtration and advanced air quality components are available for most air handlers, so you can breathe clearer and healthier air.

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