Heating & air Conditioning Maintenance

Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance to Maximize Efficiency

Your furnace, heat pump, heating, and air conditioning equipment may be the most expensive appliances in your home. You have spent a significant amount of money on securing equipment that will adequately and efficiently heat and cool your home, and provide you with the indoor comfort you want and need. Most importantly, you have experienced the joy and relief associated with lower utility costs. To enjoy these benefits on a continuing basis, you need to invest in their upkeep. Just like how you change the oil and oil filter in your vehicle, your new heating and cooling system also requires regular maintenance to properly do its job. Otherwise, here’s what can happen:

  • The condenser coil will get dirty and significantly affect your unit’s efficiency and your energy costs.
  • The filter will become dirty and airborne particles will not be filtered, which means they will travel through your ductwork and contaminate the air you breathe.
  • Your condenser may burn out due to a blockage.
  • You may experience leaks from a clogged drain hole; a damaged condenser pump; or loose seals on your unit.
  • Your system may not be able to power up or power down properly.
  • Your HVAC’s blower can get dirty and fail, requiring your system to work harder to heat or cool your home.

Maintain Your Home’s Comfort Year-Round with Our VIP Prepaid Program

Advantage Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC makes furnace, heat pumps, heating and air conditioning maintenance easily manageable for those looking to hang on to their equipment for several years to come.
Our VIP Prepaid Maintenance Program includes one to two maintenance appointments each year to help ensure your equipment is operating at peak performance – the way it should be. Our program will help lower your risks of system failure and can save you money on costly repairs later. During your maintenance appointment, we will conduct a thorough inspection of your furnace, air conditioner, heat pump, coil, drains and thermostat. We will also let you know the condition of your system and whether or not you require any repairs or replacement parts.

Call Advantage Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC today at 503-393-5315 to learn more about our VIP Prepaid Maintenance Program. You can also fill out our online form if you have any questions about heating and air conditioning maintenance, and we will get back to you soon.

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