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Serving Salem and the Mid-Valley, OR


Zone Control Systems in Salem, OR

Central air conditioning and heating is a great method of keeping your home comfortable. There’s really only one drawback—when you’re heating or cooling your home, you’re cooling all of it. Sometimes you have a home that naturally has portions that run cold or hot. There are plenty of factors that affect this. If you have a house surrounded by lots of foliage and trees, they can cast shade on your house that makes some areas cooler than others. If you have a home with numerous windows that receives ample natural light throughout the day, these areas can run hot.

A zone control system is the perfect way to combat these problems. If you’re looking to install this in your home during the building process or even retro-fit your current system, contact our team.

Zone control systems can help you fine-tune your heating and cooling. Contact Advantage Heating & Air Conditioning. Oregon’s best since 1992, We Bring Our A Game.

How These Systems Work

So how does zone heating or zone air conditioning work? In order to create these rooms or "zones" in a home, we install a series of dampers. Dampers are airtight seals placed in the ducts to restrict or allow airflow when you need it.

We then install separate thermostats to control each of these "zones." When you turn on your thermostat, the thermostat signals the specific zone dampers to seal off or open up the flow of conditioned air. This means that you can have customized heating or cooling. When you go upstairs for bed, you can just condition the area you’re occupying rather than heating the entirety of your home senselessly.

The Benefits of Zone Control Systems

So what are the benefits of this fine-tuned control?

  • Energy Savings: If you have a large home or a two-story home with spaces that are unoccupied, a heating and cooling system will help you cool just the spaces you need without all the extra labor.
  • Personalized Comfort: A zone heating and cooling system can eliminate all those heating and cooling arguments. Have you ever been freezing in one part of your home while another person is boiling in another? If you turn on the heat are you met with complaints and bickering? You can avoid this with a zone-controlled system.
  • Eliminating Hot and Cold Spots: You can adequately heat or cool all the spaces in your home with a zoned system. You don’t have to layer on clothes in your living room during the winter just because you’re worried about making your upstairs bedroom boil.

Call Us for All Your Zone Heating or Air Conditioning Needs

Installing zone air conditioning or zone heating is a complicated process. You need a professional team to install this system. It’s more than just the dampers—you need to divide your home into logical zones based on the net heating and cooling and then calibrate your thermostats.

This is the only way you’ll actually get the energy savings benefits. Our NATE-certified technicians are extensively experienced and educated. We’ll get the job done right the first time.