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Serving Salem and the Mid-Valley, OR


Air Filtration Systems in Salem, OR

Spring means fresh blooms and the return of warm and sunny days, but the downside is allergy season. The watery eyes and itchy noses of spring are already hard to deal with, but allergy season is even worse with poor indoor air quality. If you have low indoor air quality (IAQ) in your home, then your allergy symptoms might even persist throughout the majority of the year. The problem with homes here in Salem is that they’re built so tightly sealed for energy efficiency that sometimes the contaminants have no way to get out.

A good air filtration system from our team can really help you bypass these problems. We provide high quality HEPA bypass filters for this reason—sometimes what your standard filter can’t catch can hurt you.

If you’d like to put an air filter in your home to boost your indoor air quality, contact our amazing team here at Advantage Heating & Air Conditioning. Oregon’s best since 1992, We Bring Our A Game.

When Your Air Filtration System Isn’t Enough

We want to take a moment to make a distinction: your air conditioner or furnace comes with a filter, but this is merely meant to keep your HVAC system free of dust and debris. It’s not meant to clean your air. An air filter captures airborne contaminants that have wide-ranging negative effects in your home. These contaminants affect both your health and comfort too. When you have lots of contaminants it can start to make you feel sick and decrease the efficiency of your heating or air conditioning system.

If you find that your indoor air quality is low, an air filtration system is the way to go. Residential filters remove the common indoor contaminants from your home’s air.

Increasing Your IAQ Is Easy

Above we mentioned a HEPA, but what is that? HEPA stands for "high efficiency particulate air." A HEPA filter is a type of mechanical filter that removes all the negative particulate matter out from your air supply. These are also commonly referred to as "HEPA bypass filters" because these systems prevent particles from bypassing the filter and circulating through your home. We install these filters directly into your heating or air conditioning system to clean the air.

Once our team assesses your home and determines your needs, we can find you the perfect HEPA filter with the right MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) value to keep your home happy, safe, and healthy.

Make Sure You Have Professional Services

You need professional services for every part of your HVAC system, but if there’s one area in particular that you need them for it’s definitely your indoor air quality. This isn’t an aspect of your home that you can DIY or call anyone that’s less than a qualified professional for. These systems are complex.

Those built-in HVAC filters aren’t going to cut it either, these units only clean the air in a small area and there’s no point in this filtration if it’s not going to affect your entire home. What’s the point of breathing in clean air in your room but dirty air in your kitchen? When you decide to protect your home from allergens, germs, and any other contaminants, make sure you take the full plunge and employ our expert team to help you through the process.