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Serving Salem & Portland, OR


Humidifiers in Salem, OR

For residents here in Salem, “humidity” starts to take on a negative connotation, but we can assure you that humidity is essential to your home comfort. In winter, the air here in the Mid-Valley becomes incredibly dry. If you let the effects of this go unmitigated, it starts to create real problems in your home.

The best way to combat these issues is by installing a whole-house humidifier. Humidifiers help balance the moisture in your home and make it much easier to get comfortable on these cold winter days. If you’re looking to increase your indoor air quality, then consider a humidifier.

If you want to know more about this humidification system, contact Advantage Heating & Air Conditioning today. Our specialists can help you.

Do I Really Need a Humidifier?

The short answer is: yes! Low humidity in Salem causes all the following issues:

  • Dry Skin, Hair, And Nails: When your home gets dry, so do you! A home without the required amount of moisture leads to a dehydrated body. Don’t muddle through winter with dry skin and brittle hair any longer.
  • Exacerbated Respiratory Issues: Do you or any other member of your household have a problem with respiratory illnesses like bronchitis or asthma? These problems only get worse with dry air. A humidifier helps you breathe easier.
  • Cold and Flu: Dry air in your home dehydrates the mucous membranes in your sinuses, making it much easier for you to get sick and much harder for you to get well again.

Choosing a Whole-House Humidifier

A lot of homeowners think of indoor air quality services as an added luxury, so when it’s time to install one in their home, they’re a little lost. If you need help choosing the right humidifier for your home then you should contact our team. Finding the best humidifier is about a lot more than just choosing a great make and model, it needs to be the right fit for the size of your home and your individual needs.

We train our technicians to discern your needs quickly and we only work with quality brands like Daikin, Lennox, and Ruud. We’re also a Trade Ally of the EnergyTrust of Oregon and a NW Natural Preferred Contractor. When you need a great team that’s prepared to equip your home with the best humidifier available, choose us.

The Best Installation, Repair, And Maintenance Services in the Mid-Valley

Once you have a humidifier in your home it’s important to maintain this system too. We have the best installation, repair, and maintenance services in Salem and the surrounding area. If you need help through the installation, repair, or maintenance process we can help. We’ll take the time to ensure that all these services are thorough, and we’ll make sure to keep you informed throughout the entire process.

The bottom line is that a humidifier is a great addition to almost any home here. Dry air is the source of so much discomfort in homeowners throughout the area. Make sure that you choose a great team like ours to balance out your home.