Finding The Right Temperature For Your Home

How To Get the Most Out of a Heating System

A night in can sometimes be a night to remember. Whether making a home-cooked meal or watching a favorite movie, a comfortable temperature is important to the perfect night in. To stay warm throughout the season, heating services may be necessary.

Check for Potential Drafts

Drafts are a common problem in both old and new homes. Just because a house has been recently renovated does not mean it is weatherproof.

Drafts occur due to poor insulation. Single-paned windows with cracks below the glass allow warm air to escape while cool air enters the home. Doorways also create inadequate insulation when there is a gap between the frames. As wood tends to shrink over time, this gap will gradually grow larger causing higher electric bills and a colder home.

Outlets are not an obvious culprit for drafty homes, but they can decrease the temperature. Loose outlets that do not fit flat against the wall can cause winter air to leak through an opening. This can also happen with faulty switch plates.

Fortunately, drafts are an easy problem to fix. Depending on the source of unwanted outdoor air, this can be as simple as screwing in an outlet plate or finding an adequate blockage. Specific windows are one of the most efficient ways to block outdoor air.

Energy Star Certified Windows Make a Difference

man installing a windowFixing a draft is imperative for both a comfy night in and a healthy bank account. According to the Department of Energy, heating costs are the largest expense in American homes. Taking care of drafts is one way this bill can be minimized.

By using energy-efficient windows a homeowner can save money throughout the year. This is due to its ability to keep warm and cool air inside the house while leaving air from the outdoors where it belongs.

Energy-efficient windows are designed for both home and office buildings. Typically they have double or triple panes of glass to prevent drafts. Low-E glass can also be used to prevent heat loss. Window frames that incorporate fiberglass will prevent the window from warping and creating gaps.

Energy Star windows provide maximum insulation. The temperature inside a home can be successfully regulated with the help of secure window coverage so that heating is consistent. This means both heat and air conditioning can run smoothly without stops and starts during the night.

Use a Reputable Contractor

woman on the phoneHeating and cooling contractors can have different credentials depending on the company. Before hiring a contractor for indoor insulation, pay attention to licensing. If an HVAC technician is not licensed this can cause heating problems during the winter.

If an HVAC technician cannot answer relevant questions, this can be a warning sign. Talking in circles or becoming defensive may be a way to hide inexperience. Technicians that do not show up on time or need to cancel previously booked appointments are also questionable. Technical skills are crucial to this business, but so are punctuality and respect.

Hands-on experience is key for this profession. The right HVAC professional should have a firm grasp of how complex heating and cooling issues work. This includes experience with different housing structures. Online reviews can help those who are undecided but may not give an accurate representation of the company.

A top-notch technician will estimate the type of work that needs to be done and the cost. This may be able to be accomplished over the phone depending on the issue. An inspection is usually the most accurate way to conclude the amount of work a home needs. Experts that can answer questions pertaining to the specific job needed show transparency and experience.

Call Advantage Heating & Air Conditioning

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