Welcome to the Blog!

My name is Graci, and I’ll do my best as your guide through the heart of Advantage and the world of HVAC. When I’m not working in the office, I’m baking, spending time with my pets, friends, and family, snowboarding, and writing - now for this blog!

This opportunity is something that I’m so excited about! My goal with this blog is to focus on posting HVAC content that is both educational and fun to provide everyone with updates and a good read.

Submitting questions is encouraged here. If you’re wondering about something, it’s highly likely someone else is too, so please ask!

I look forward to facilitating a space where we can review different tips and tools, keeping them as a reference for later on if anyone needs them.

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What kind of information you can expect to find here:

  • Major updates, frequently asked questions, and common concerns.
  • Insider tips/tricks, recommendations, and weekly trends.
  • Some fun, silly stories, and inspirational quotes.
  • Where we’ve been and where we are now.

Recent Updates:

Spring Cleaning!

  • Right now is the perfect time to schedule maintenance with the changing of the season.
  • We are releasing specials on duct cleanings, maintenance, and some deep cleaning treatments.

Pay your bill online!

  • Our online processing is now up and running. When you receive an invoice for your work done via email, you can now pay it through an attached link.

Schedule your appointment the way that works best for you!

  • Call, email, text, messenger - pick your preferred method and we’ll accommodate.

We also want to thank all of those who have donated to Church at the Park recently! Your kindness is so very appreciated.

Check back here every now and again for helpful information about your system, how to prepare for the ever-changing Oregon weather, and to learn more about everyone (you included) in our Advantage Community.

As always, if you have any questions or need us for any other reason at all, please reach out to us:

Call line: (503)-393-5315

Text line: (503)-461-9961

Email: service@advantageheatingllc.com

Submit Questions to our smart chat or my email: graci@advantageheatingllc.com


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